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About My Elder Advocate


My Elder Advocate serves and supports the elderly and their families. Call us today for help with your senior care and nursing home issues.  


My Elder Advocate is the only overarching elder advocacy in the US.  MEA provides peace of mind to our clients and their families.


My Elder Advocate serves and supports only elders and their families... and this works entirely to your advantage.


Many elder advocates and/or nursing home placement services are funded by the hospitals or nursing homes they serve. They are clearly beholden to those hospitals or nursing homes because of who pays their checks. They cannot and never will adequately protect the needs of the elders. In other words, these elderly advocates or placement services are wary of biting the hand that feeds them regardless of how poorly an elder is being treated. 


Attorneys are often able to obtain results for hospital and nursing home patients and residents through legal means, but this is traditionally a slow and very expensive process. As an attorney conducts research and prepares an elder abuse or neglect case, your loved one may continue to suffer. In addition, the vast majority of attorneys don't possess specific knowledge of the day-to-day operations of a hospital or nursing home. That's a major problem because when a problem exists and an elder is in a crisis of any kind, intervention must be immediate. There's no time for the wheels of the justice system to speak on behalf of the elder.


Government agencies are very limited in terms of how much or how little they do and especially in how long it takes for them to respond to allegations of elder abuse. In our experience, federal, state, and local government agencies simply are not able to support individual hospital or nursing home patients or residents in crisis. That’s where an elder advocate steps in. 


Our fee-based approach assures that we speak ONLY for you and your elder family member. Because we are compensated by the families we serve, we represent only YOU. We are never obligated in any way to serve or protect the needs or interests of the hospital, nursing home, insurance companies, private healthcare service providers, government agencies, and so on. We believe that all elders should be cared for with dignity and respect, so your best interests are our primary focus. 


Our fees are quoted on mostly on a flat rate, on a case-by-case basis. Some challenges or situations are more critical, time-consuming and/or complicated than others. However, whether your situation is quick and simple to resolve or requires greater involvement on our part, rest assured that our fees are affordable. In most cases, our help comes at a cost far less than you'd expect to pay for an attorney. When you act swiftly in an elder care crisis, you obtain the full support of My Elder Advocate's professional team protecting your elder family member and getting the results you need NOW!


Call today. Tell us about your family's eldercare issues or challenges. We will assess the situation and, in most cases, be able to discuss fees with you during our initial conversation.


Hospitals and nursing homes are dangerous places. The longer you wait, the more at risk your elder family member is. Call 212-945-7550 today.