Eviction Prevention

Evictions are one of the most deplorable practices in nursing homes. My Elder Advocate helps prevent evictions from Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities.

Nursing Home and Hospital Crisis Intervention

Unfortunately, nursing homes and hospitals can be extremely dangerous places for the people they are charged with protecting!  My Elder Advocate can avert crisis in Nursing homes, Hospitals or at home.

Nursing Home or Assisted Living Placement

Hospitals harm elderly patients through early and fast discharges.  My elder advocate places people in the best situation for them.

Long Term Care Planning

Many seniors are healthy and functioning at high levels, it is inevitable that as they grow older, issues will surface related to their independence.  My Elder Advocate helps create an action plan to smooth elder care transitions.

Home Care Advisory

Home is always the first choice, My Elder Advocate advises elders on how to safely stay at home.

Long Distance Caregiving

Many people do not live near their elder’s, My Elder Advocate specializes in caring for elders and their families in multiple locations across the country.


The best elder crisis management is prevention.  My Elder Advocate monitors our elder clients to assure their safety and security before a crisis occurs.


My Elder Advocate responds nearly instantly to any elder or eldercare crisis in order to provide nursing home intervention, arrange for immediate placements, prevent evictions from nursing homes, handle a hospital crisis, and respond to other eldercare challenges.


But we can't solve an ugly and dangerous situation unless you contact us immediately. Often waiting a day is as harmful to a family member as taking no action at all.


If you and your family have an elder family member that is facing one of these challenges, don't wait. We can resolve it quickly. Contact us TODAY by calling us directly at (212) 945-7550.