My Elder Advocate. By your side.


My Elder Advocate helps solve elder care crises quickly and effectively. Call us to find out how we can help. 

You’re always there for your loved ones. 

But who’s there for you?

Well, we are.

Because we understand that caring for an aging loved one can be as challenging as it is rewarding. It can overwhelm even the most patient of people.

Whatever challenge you might face – whether you are considering hiring a home health agency or seeking placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home – we’re here for you.

In times of crisis, you may feel you’re all alone. We assure you, you’re not. We’re here. When you need us , call us at 212.945.7550. 

My Elder Advocate Services


Home Care Advisory & Monitoring

Home is always the first choice for elders. We handle everything from finding the right home health agency to interviewing home aides to monitoring services in the home.


Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

Quickly finding the right home for elders can improve health outcomes and reduce the chances of readmission. We can help.


Long Term Care Planning

The best way to prevent a crisis is to plan. Our advocates create custom plans based on the desires and needs of elders before a care transition happens.


Long Distance Caregiving

Many people don’t live near their elders. We step in when you can’t be there to ensure elders are getting the care they need.


Nursing Home  Crisis Intervention

Nursing homes can be dangerous places. We can help avert crises in nursing homes, hospitals and even home care situations.


Nursing Home Eviction Prevention

Evictions. Little is more troubling or distressing, and they are on the rise. Talk to our advocates to help keep your loved one from being evicted.


Care Coordination & Monitoring

We ensure your elder is getting the care they deserve and need. We provide monitoring and advocacy in every setting: home, assisted living, nursing home.