Solving Elder Issues

My Elder Advocate responds nearly instantly to any elder or eldercare crisis… in order to provide nursing home intervention, arrange for immediate placements, prevent evictions from nursing homes, handle a hospital crisis, and respond to other eldercare challenges.

But we can’t solve an ugly and dangerous situation unless you contact us immediately. Often waiting a day is as harmful to a family member as taking no action at all.

If you and your family have an elder family member that is facing one of these challenges, don’t wait. We can resolve it quickly. Contact us TODAY by calling us directly at (212) 945-7550.

Nursing Home Crisis Intervention

A nursing home can be a very dangerous place for an elder. A crisis situation occurs when a family faces issues of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Some deal with malnutrition, bedsores, chemical restraints, and possible eviction. My Elder Advocate has the experience, authority, compassion, and a proven track record in preventing a crisis from turning into irreparable damage, and probable death. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Preventing Nursing Home Evictions

Many facilities are involved is the deplorable practice of evicting a resident. There are many reasons that a facility might want to dumping a resident. An eviction from a facility usually leads to great stress, depression, loss of identity, and in many cases death. My Elder Advocate has a 100% SUCCESS RATE in preventing eviction from long-term care facilities. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Immediate Placements

Daily, thousands of elderly patients in hospitals require immediate placement in rehabilitation centers (code for Nursing Homes). In many cases, patients are discharged far too early and need re-admission within a short time. Proper placement in a proper facility can mean the difference between rehabilitation and death. Decisions must be made quickly and there is little margin for error. My Elder Advocate prevents discharge planners from railroading a loved one into a substandard nursing facility. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Long Distance Care Giving

Today, American families are spread throughout the country. An elder can live in one state, while his/her family lives in three other states. In the case of an elder care event, this can become a logistical nightmare for a family. My Elder Advocate maintains affiliate relationships with many highly qualified and dedicated elder care professionals, throughout the country. We will professionally assess the situation, and our affiliates will provide you with an appropriate action plan. And it will be as seamless to all, as if you were all in the same room. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Long-term Care Planning

To make sure that you get the best elder care possible, it is very important to put together a plan of action. The best time to do this is before you become ill and require immediate care. My Elder Care has been helping people plan for long-term care since 1973. We can help you develop a plan of action that you can follow throughout your elder years. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Hospital Crisis Intervention

Many hospitals throughout the country take very poor care of the elderly. They are treated as people in transition. This presents a dangerous situation for many elders. My Elder Advocate protects your elder in the hospital. We have extensive experience in getting elders the quality care that they need and deserve. Elders and their families need our compassionate advocacy to insure that their parents survive a hospital experience. CLICK HERE to learn more.